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OnThe Road Rep is a New York City ensemble theater company with a mission to continue the work and legacy of our founder, renowned acting teacher Alice Spivak, by taking a grassroots approach to theater, and emphasizing the work and the craft of acting.


Help us continue to grow and produce exciting works of theater in New York City with a tax deductible donation or by attending one of our fundraiser events in NYC.

OTR 2024 Production Fund Fundraising Campaign

In order to put dates for our next full length productions on the calendar, we need to have a certain amount of money in the bank. Our Production Fund Fundraising Campaign puts that specific goal front and center, by placing the goal directly on our website. We will start the campaign now, and keep the totals updated so that you, our supporters and friends, can keep track of how we're doing, and help us reach our goal of producing at least three productions this year!

Donations can be made through our fiscal sponsorship with Living Lotus via the button below. Or to make donations via other methods, or to offer locations, services, or anything else to assist in our fundraising efforts, please email


Thank you for an amazing year in 2023

The pinnacle of our year in 2023 was our Spring Festival. Over two weeks and five productions, OTR put more than 20 of our talented ensemble members on the stage. Audiences came back again and again to see multiple events in the festival, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. OTR proved once again that our actor-led company is capable of producing exciting works of theater. 


Throughout the year, OTR held several fun parties and fundraisers. We held a preview a karaoke fundraiser in the Spring and a holiday party and screening in November to celebrate the end this wonderful year. 


We had three terms of Scene Study, and continued the work of growing our skills together as a community. 

Thank you to everyone who attended a performance, a fundraiser, a party. And to those who supported us with donations and encouragement. Thanks to you, OTR is thriving.​


As we head into 2023, we still need the help of all of you, our dearest supporters, to keep the mission of OTR going strong. Our mission remains to take a grassroots approach to theater to emphasize the work, the craft, and the process to stay true to the teachings of Alice Spivak. Please help us continue to grow and produce exciting works of theater in New York City with a tax deductible donation:


Our Donors: Jason Arcaro, Tom Cappadona, James Cohn (In loving memory of Jane Glick), Nick Corley, Jamila Dphrepaulezz, Marilise Flusser, Claire Gordon, Monk Hooper, Vick Krishna, Kenneth McCoy, Mary Palermo, Gizelle Panton, Sagar Rijal, Christine Reisner, Conor Romero, Dora Rubin, Dana Segal, Keri Uribe, and many more folks who attended our fundraisers and supported our mission. Our fundraiser venues and performers: West Side Comedy Club, Eddie Brill, Vanessa Hollingshead, Rick Younger, Iggy's Karaoke Bar, Local 92. And special thanks to the members of OTR who give their time, skills, and spirit to planning fundraisers and outreach


Rita Sacchi, Carter Lord, Daniel Neiden, Madeline Capasso, Dana Segal, Craig Hazen, Keri Uribe, Carolyn Marx,  Christine Reisner, Jason Arcaro,

Cecilia Flagg, Anastasia Romashko, Will Lund, Maria Paz Alegre, Justin Craig, James Neas, Michael Schnick, Xavier Blaise, Jane Glick, James Cohn, Tom Hall, Sujin An, Kendall Joseph, Vincent Piazza, Ryan Willard, Kathleen Carthy, and many more. 

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